Impact: Stories of Asia

13 episodes x 24 minutes

Large pockets of extreme poverty and hunger exist in Asia. In 19 Asian economies, including the most populous China and India, more than 10% of people live on less than $1.25 a day and more than 10% are malnourished. This is despite the region’s success over the last 15 years in cutting the number of poor from one in two to around one in four.

+IMPACT, STORIES OF ASIA demonstrates how poverty can be overcome in cities through micro financing, education programmes, vocational training, healthcare & sanitation programmes, and slum redevelopment. In rural areas, the efficacy of sustainable agriculture practices, eco-tourism, and environmentally sustainable technologies to harness power will also be examined.

The series is a holistic look at poverty issues across Asia- HIV in Cambodia, civil war in East Timor, slums in India, street children in Vietnam, hill tribe development in Thailand, energy insecurity in Nepal, environmental mismanagement in Tajiskistan, urbanization in China, desertification in Mongolia, and the post-Soviet collapse of Kyrgyzstan.

+IMPACT, STORIES OF ASIA presents a series of workable solutions – solutions that are at the forefront of technology, and ecologically sound. These are solutions that can be applied elsewhere, and indeed this series, to be narrated in both English and Mandarin, will be seen all over the world.

+IMPACT, STORIES OF ASIA brings you 13 half-hour episodes of insightful, informative, heart-warming stories of the triumph over poverty in Asia.