Project Inspire

6 Episodes x 30 Minutes

PROJECT INSPIRE is a 13 episode series that looks at 13 individuals who had their ‘Aha!’ moment. They were just like the rest of us; living their lives as ‘normal’ lives go. Yet their lives were forever changed when they had their flashes of realization.

In each 30-minute episode, we take an intimate view into the life of one amazing individual. We find out about his life before the epiphany struck, his plans and his hopes. Then we learn about the catalyst for his metamorphosis, what it was, and how it impacted him. What is he doing with his life now? How has he impacted the lives of people around him? What are his dreams for the future?

PROJECT INSPIRE tells the compelling stories of ordinary people, whose perspectives changed suddenly, at a moment in time. Some call it destiny, and some call it providence, but these individuals now lead extraordinary lives… perhaps their stories may just trigger an epiphany in you as well?